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It’s Earth Day today (from April 21st )

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Tulips for village shop to celebrate Earth Day

Tulips headed for Sara’s village shop.

Sandwiched between numerous opportunities to celebrate being English…the Queen’s birthday, Shakespeare’s birthday, St George’s Day, and at the height of seed sowing frenzies in gardens up and down the country (especially ours) comes Earth Day. It’s yet another opportunity to raise awareness world wide about climate change, green technologies and sustainability. I don’t know about yours but my own children are uber educated about saving the planet already. My own town of Bradford on Avon is active in all sorts of initiatives – solar panels for schools, community orchards, wildflower verges, limiting food waste, local food. What more is there to say or do? And so here at Our Flower Patch we are celebrating Earth Day with THE flower of the moment – the tulip. Tulips in April symbolise what we and our members are doing to reduce fuel consumption, build sustainable communities, educate people about the importance of local, seasonal crops and create numerous pocket habitats for wildlife in school grounds and gardens up and down the country. Sara has been selling ‘no miles’ tulips at her village shop. She grows them in her field, providing a great habitat for wildlife, picks and conditions them, wraps them in compostable packaging and delivers them to the shop on foot. They are even fertilised with local alpaca poo! (If you haven’t discovered the wonders of alpaca poo, get in touch.) In Bradford on Avon, Fitzmaurice School have been selling their flowers to parents at the school gate on Fridays (in recycled jam jars) and at Christine’s Sustainable Supermarket in town, keeping the school garden profit making and local flowers available to the community as a whole.

Author: countrygate

teacher, firelighter, storyteller bringing creativity to the classroom

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