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Our Flower Patch does Mothering Sunday (From March 27th)

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A basket of Narcissi for Mothering Sunday

A basket of Narcissi for Mothering Sunday

Flowers and Mothering Sunday go hand in hand whether it is a handpicked bunch of primroses, in the case of Victorian housemaids returning home on a rare day off, a huge bouquet ordered from an exclusive modern day florist or stripping your front garden of every blooming daffodil to give to your mum. This is what happened to Cally in 2002 when she was recovering from the birth of her middle son and her toddler decided that if Mum wasn’t at home to enjoy the garden, the garden would go to Mum. 🙂

One of the traditions which go on in churches up and down the country this weekend is that foliage, daffodils and the odd tulip is foraged from the gardens of church members and a group of them get together with coffee and cake to make up posies to decorate the church and to give to all the ladies in the congregation on Mothering Sunday. We like the spirit of such an event – celebrating generosity, community, seasonality, nurturing and motherhood halfway through the ‘lean’ period of Lent. It’s a tradition that extends back to Roman times, has waxed and waned in popularity, perhaps reaching its height in the post war years and now can seem far too commercialised as flower prices rocket in the shops.

We’re so chuffed that Our Flower Patch members can pick and sell beautiful fresh, fragrant flowers for their own mothers and those of their friends in time for the big day on Sunday. If your school isn’t able to do this now, by next year, as an Our Flower Patch member they will. This is what one of our pilot schools has achieved this year.

All of these flowers were locally grown or foraged and proved so popular that many of them were snapped up even before they made it onto the flower stall. What’s really gratifying is hearing the pride the young growers take in explaining how the flowers have been grown and seeing their delighted smiles when their customers remark on how much fresher, more fragrant and better their flowers are than those found in the local shop.

And for those who bemoan the youth of today and their lack of enthusiasm for anything other than computer games, think again. Not only were some of these flowers grown by young people, but they were also involved in costings, marketing, presentation, logistics, design, accounts, customer service….. It’s amazing what growing a few flowers with ‘Our Flower Patch’ can do for children.

Happy Mothering Sunday.

Mothers day daffodils and narcissi

Mother’s day daffs and narcissi.

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