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Seeds are sprouting (from March 24th)

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Ammi majus in full flower

Ammi majus in full flower

I thought I would update you on how things are doing in my own greenhouse. Things have been popping up all over the place. Its great fun to go out and check on my little babies every day. One of the youngsters in one of our pilot schools commented that growing things was a bit like being in charge of a baby, and it really can be! You have to make sure they are kept at a comfortable temperature, and have the right conditions. Give them enough water, but not too much, and when they are ready for it give them food, and protect them from all that the big wide world has to throw at them! But don’t panic, we will guide you through the whole process as a member of Our Flower Patch.


I grow ‘quite a few’ different types of seeds; I think I counted 81 different seed packets last year (it will certainly be more this year!!) That did include about five different types of cosmos, and probably six different sunflowers though! I always love to try new things, but I do have quite a few favourites that I wouldn’t be without. Amongst these are the seeds that are sent out once you join Our Flower Patch. You will receive sixteen gorgeous packets of the finest Higgledy Garden seeds. Fifteen flowers and an ornamental grass.


One of the seeds you will get is Ammi majus also known as Bishop’s weed. I have sown some already in my greenhouse. It is popping through slowly. These seeds were sown about ten days ago. It’s hard to believe at this stage that soon enough it will be flowering its socks off and looking like the photo on the right. Ammi majus looks a little like a prettier cow parsley. It’s a lovely filler flower, and I certainly wouldn’t be without it.


Ammi majus seedlings at 10 days.

Ammi majus seedlings at 10 days.


My calendula seeds have romped away. They were the first to show little green shoots out of the selection of seeds I sowed ten days ago. Calendula is also a flower our members receive. Cally loves it as it has more than one use, we include a recipe for Calendula salve and another for Calendula fudge on our members pages. It was Cally’s desert island flower when Louise Curley wrote about us here. I love the shape of calendula seeds; you can see a seed case clinging to the shoot in the photo below. I tend to pick calendula in bud to use in a vase as then it lasts longer. It still looks fab as a seed head in a vase though. As you can see the bees and pollinators love the sunny calendula flowers too!

Calendula seedlings at 10 days.

Calendula seedlings at 10 days.



calendula bud

Calendula bud, a good stage for picking.


Calendula flower with bee.

Calendula flower with a hungry bee.








The sweet peas that I planted ten days ago are slowly emerging. They have a little way to catch up with the ones sown seven weeks ago though!

Sweet pea seedlings at 10 days.

Sweet pea seedlings at 10 days.


Sweet pea seedlings at seven weeks.

Sweet pea seedlings at seven weeks.








Why not get in touch to tell us how things are growing with you? Or join us to receive your seeds to start growing along with us?

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