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‘The Apprentice’ with flowers

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Using flowers to raise money in school. Ourflowerpatch.co.uk

Flowery fundraising at its best.

Midsummer mayhem hit our very first member school on Saturday with a bumper fundraising event which saw profits from sales of home-grown flowers this year soar past £200. The school’s annual Strawberry Fair was held in glorious sunshine and a long line of customers queued up at the flower stall organised by Skylark class. Thirty jam jar arrangements containing their locally grown  blooms all sold and they managed to secure some regular customers too.

Some members of the class fully embraced the concept of selling and organised flowery face painting, snail racing and a wheelbarrow of  fortune to add to the fun and fundraising opportunities. They also have Karen at Peter Nyssen Ltd, (one of our suppliers) to thank for donating dahlias, lilies and gladioli to the cause.

Any school looking to turn a profit from  their school garden could follow in the footsteps of  Fitzmaurice School. For an initial outlay of £85  the school has raised the means to maintain and expand the school garden next year and teach a whole range of cross curricular skills into the bargain.

We’re signing up new members for September now. Email us for details or to chat things over.


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teacher, firelighter, storyteller bringing creativity to the classroom

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