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National Flower Crown Day : September 24th

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Young girl with a flower crown by Owl House Flowers.

Young Ava with a flower crown created by Owl House Flowers.

This Wednesday is National Flower Crown Day – a concept conceived by London-based florist Liz Inigo-Jones of Blue Sky Flowers as a way to “celebrate the trend and encourage people nationwide to join in the festivities by wearing their own  flower crown.” We heard about it from some of our florist friends who are championing the cause of British grown flowers. What better way to wave goodbye to the end of Summer than by using some of the seasonal blooms to create a fresh flower crown?

Flower crowns are fast becoming trendy with brides. Children (inevitably) are well ahead of the game and have been creating crowns from leaves and flowers for generations. I haven’t met a child who hasn’t popped a flower in their hair at some point.

Now’s your chance to garner their creative enthusiasm and use  it as an opportunity to experiment with matching colours, mixing filler foliage and flowers with statement flowers or just to work with flowers – all useful for when you start arranging and selling your blooms next year.

I use pvc coated wire when making crowns with children as it’s a bit more comfortable  to wear.  Form a headband rather than a complete circle which can then be secured with ribbon at each end and tied to fit round the head.

Check out this pinterest board for details, instructions and more inspiration.

And remember…………… fresh flower crowns will only last one day so take plenty of pictures.


Dog wearing a flower crown.

Even Tilly the dog likes a bit of a flower crown every now and again!

One thought on “National Flower Crown Day : September 24th

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