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World Science Day

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The Official World Science Day Poster.

The Official World Science Day Poster.

Did you know the 10th November is UNESCO World Science Day for Peace and Development? This year’s theme is the promotion of Quality Science Education: ensuring a sustainable future for all. This sees the launch of the UNESCO’s World Library of Science, which is a free online resource with the aim of making scientific concepts easy to understand. At the time of writing this, no link had been published – but hopefully there will be a link soon, which we will share with you.

In our own small way, here at Our Flower Patch, we are contributing by promoting quality science education and our ethos is certainly all about sustainability. So World Science Day seems a good day for us to mark.

Small Tortoiseshell butterfly on a fennel flowerhead. Our Flower Patch

Small Tortoiseshell butterfly on a fennel flowerhead.

Our Flower Patch’s main aim is to provide an easy to follow educational programme that can be run in primary schools. We like to support our member schools to get the most out of their outdoor classroom, by giving them week by week guidance, lesson plans and seasonal activities for their pupils to do. We are all about getting children outside and making it fun!

Whilst our name is Our Flower Patch the activities we have designed are not only about flowers. Whilst there is a flowery element, we also cover many other areas, such as increasing biodiversity within your school grounds, recycling, reusing and reducing waste, composting, and understanding the importance of conserving water. We encourage the use of recycled and re-purposed materials in our activities, and the obtaining of items and plants through donation or from sites such as ‘free cycle’.

Our aim is that by giving young people a greater understanding of how their choices will impact on their longer term future, we can encourage them to make positive choices. If you like the sound of all this, or think a primary school you are involved with might, why not take a look at becoming a member here.


Children with biodiversity  bug hotel

Leo & Beau at the bug hotel Hilworth Park Devizes.


This week on our ‘latest news’ (left hand side of our main website) we will be talking about bug hotels. It’s that time of year when insects are looking for a cosy place to hide away for the winter. Somedays I wish I could just curl up too! Many beneficial insects such as lacewings and ladybirds can be encouraged to rest awhile in your school garden if you provide suitable spaces for them to hide. Then when they wake up from their long slumber on your patch, they will be ready to munch away at any aphids you may have.  You will find top tips on how to make some bug hotels with your pupils on our Latest News published on Thursday.

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