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Snowdrops in a primary school garden

A welcome sight in a winter garden.

This week is National Storytelling Week. We love a good story down on our patch. Cally often takes a book and a flask of coffee to her patch for a sneaky read between bursts of strenuous activity getting her plot ready for Spring. It’s good for your young growers to enjoy their patches as well as work in them. Let them spend time enjoying them at lunchtime. You’ll be surprised how attached they become to their plots and how much more care they take of them.

Why not hold a class storytelling event among the promise of fragrant blooms. You may have a few bulbs springing up or there may be a patch of snowdrops. Look hard enough and you’ll see signs of life but Winter storytelling sessions need thick coats, warm rugs, even old sleeping bags, hot chocolate, a bonfire and the kind of story that whisks you off to a winter wonderland. It’s the way storytelling used to be in the days before kindles, books and central heating. Ask for parent volunteers to come in and share their favourite stories or see if you can book a professional storyteller or author.

You can hold a summer event later in the year, make a den or a tent among the flowers with homemade lemonade or ice lollies. Recycle the lolly sticks as plant labels in the Autumn. However you celebrate National Storytelling Week in your flower patches, you might find these resources useful. Our members will be using their patches to encourage outdoor literacy activities in school this week. We have lots of lesson plans for activities which will get your young growers reading and writing – all the time getting up close and personal with nature.


Credit for the reading tent photograph to Will Heap and Kyle Books. This is taken from the fabulous book 101 Things For Kids To Do Outside, written by Dawn Isaac. You can read our review of it here.

Children reading  in a garden tent

Summer Story telling outside

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