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Fairtrade Fortnight

A walk round my local ethical supermarket ‘Who Cares’ in Bradford on Avon has revealed that once again we are in Fairtrade Fortnight, a time to highlight the importance of buying ethical coffee, sugar, chocolate, bananas and all manner of other imported goods. In food terms, despite the slightly higher cost, people are more aware now of the importance of buying ethically when it comes to food, if they can afford to. There have been a number of high profile campaigns highlighting how big companies are committed to paying farmers of imported goods a fair share of the profits from their cultivation and investing in their communities too. Sadly the fairtrade flower market is not so well known. I’d be surprised if more than a small percentage of the millions of people buying flowers on Valentine’s Day recently asked exactly what conditions their blooms were grown in. This article from the Guardian is an interesting read and perfectly illustrates how far flower farming has to come to be on a par with coffee growing in terms of Fairtrade. Although at Our Flower Patch we are championing the cause of locally grown, seasonal flowers by helping schools set up their own mini flower farms via our enterprise programme we are aware that there are times when people will want to buy blooms out of season. In that case, buying ethically from fairtrade farmers is the best thing. You’ll find more information on Fairtrade Flowers here.

Fairtrade Flowers logo

Fairtrade Flowers

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