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Ten (or more) ways a wooden pallet can enhance your school garden

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Pallet compost bins

Pallet compost Bins


Over the next few weeks, in the run up to seed sowing our members have turned into recycling kings and queens. Everybody knows that gardening is good for children and everyone also knows that there’s never much cash around to spare on this part of the curriculum. Add to that the need for eco schools to be as sustainable as possible and to give children scope to be creative and you’ll see that recycling and upcycling is high on the Our Flower Patch agenda. We’ll be doing all sorts of things with plastic milk cartons, CDs, yogurt pots, old wooden spoons, newspapers and even old tennis balls.

In the meantime, we’ve trawled the internet to bring you some of our favourite ideas for upcycling a wooden pallet in the school garden. This is a project for mums, dads, grandparents or even the school caretaker to get their teeth into – ably assisted by young and enthusiastic helpers, of course. The weather is about to turn. Spring is in the air. Here’s something for an after school garden club project as the evenings gets lighter.

Check out our pallet upcycling Pinterest board for all the information.


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