Our Flower Patch

Inspiring a new generation of growers

Who we are and what we do


Sara Willman and Cally Smart created Our Flower Patch to get people growing flowers

Sara Willman (R) and Cally Smart (L) created Our Flower Patch to get people growing flowers.

Our Flower Patch is a collaboration between Sara Willman and Cally Smart. Teachers, mothers and gardeners with a passion for growing flowers, the two friends met in a blacksmith’s garden where they discovered a shared interest in helping people to get growing.

Sara grows a huge range of beautiful and fragrant flowers on a field on the edge of Salisbury Plain. Some of them she delivers to customers in her local area; some are sold in her village shop and some find their way into the homes of her friends and neighbours. She’s a creative girl who knows what makes a great cut flower and is good with a camera, particularly when it comes to photographing the flowers, bees, bugs, birds, frogs and worms on her patch.

Cally divides her time between writing materials and delivering workshops for schools and heritage agencies including the National Trust, teaching Latin and persuading people to dig up their lawns and start growing crops. She’s fairly nifty with the preserving pan and has a habit of dressing up as other women (in plays or for school workshops).

Our Flower Patch logo.

Our Flower Patch. Inspiring a new generation of growers.

Their garden-based educational programme is ideal for schools, children’s nurseries, community gardens or even for use at home. It’s fun, creative, suitable for adults and children and should result in buckets of beautiful blooms to keep, give to friends or sell.

Subscribe to this blog for hints, tips and snippets of information, book reviews, places to visit and things to do.  Better still,  join the Our Flower Patch community and start growing along with us.

Young girl with flower posy from a school garden

Happy young lady with the first posy she made at an Our Flower Patch workshop.

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