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Slug Alert! (from April 11th)

slug our flower patch

Watch out …watch out…there’s a slug about!

It’s been a mild winter, and whilst that brings some benefits it also has disadvantages! One of them being there seem to be a huge number of slugs around! If you are growing vunerable young seedlings under cover don’t forget to move the pots and trays around regularly to find any slimy characters that may be hiding in amongst them. After all its the seedlings you want to nuture not the slugs and snails! If you are bringing things in and out of the greenhouse during the day to start hardening off you can easily bring slugs and snails back into the greenhouse where they will feast on your precious seedlings. Just the other day I found a whopper of a slug hiding in between the toilet rolls I have my sweet peas growing in. Your method of slug dispatch…well that is up to you! I tend to snip them in half with garden scissors and leave them outside for the birds to eat. Cally tends to pop them in a bucket of salty water. I did a torch lit slug patrol last night and found tons of the little dears munching their way through the new growth on my herb bed. :o(


On a happier note, things are really springing alive in my greenhouse, my borders at home and at my flower patch. Lots of seedlings are ready to be pricked out into larger pots or modules like these Our Flower Patch calendula seedlings sown about a month ago. I’ve been busy so these should have been potted on by now! Oops!


Calendula seedlings at 28 days from Our Flower Patch

Calendula seedlings at 28 days.

And how about these Swan Parrot tulips flowering right now down on my own flower patch. It’s my first year growing tulips, but it certainly won’t be the last. They are so much more beautiful than most tulips you can buy in a shop. These look like they have been sculpted from porcelain.

Swan Parrot tulip growing in a raised bed at Our Flower Patch

Swan Parrot tulip growing in a raised bed at Our Flower Patch

Swan Parrot tulips in an arrangement by Sara Willman

Swan Parrot tulips in an arrangement by Sara










I was given these particular bulbs but you can buy similar from our preferred supplier Peter Nyssen and use your Our Flower Patch members discount.

Meanwhile my little apprentice has been mastering some of the practical skills associated with growing British flowers. I think more water ended up on the floor than in the water tray, but he does love to help. I think he has inherited my love of splashing around with water, I’m hoping he will also inherit and learn my passion for growing as I did from my Mum and Nan.

Toddler watering flower seedlings in a greenhouse for Our Flower Patch

Henry watering flower seedlings in a greenhouse

Have a lovely weekend whatever you may get up to, and don’t forget to keep an eye out for those slugs & snails!